Are you concealing your smile due to uneven, stained, or damaged teeth? At Portal Dental Pasadena, we specialize in unveiling your best smile through the artistry of veneers. These thin, customized shells have the potential to drastically enhance your appearance.

What are Veneers

In essence, veneers are slender coverings composed of either porcelain or specialized resin, precisely designed to grace the frontal portion of your teeth. They are bonded through a safe adhesive, offering you a permanent, yet non-damaging solution for a visually appealing smile.

Issues Resolved by Veneers

Whether it’s coffee-stained teeth, damage from years of sugar consumption, or even a less-than-perfect alignment, veneers have the capacity to give you back your lost smile. With veneers, you can comfortably navigate through life without the baggage of dental imperfections.

The process of having veneers

Phase 1: Introductory Assessment
Your path to a rejuvenated smile commences with an individual consultation with our highly skilled dentists. In this exploratory meeting, we’ll evaluate your oral health and discuss if veneers would be a suitable solution for you. Feel free to express your aesthetic aspirations, pose queries, and address any uncertainties you may have.

Phase 2: Dental Molding and Color Matching
If you opt for veneers, the next step involves capturing precise molds of your teeth. These serve as the template for your tailor-made veneers. You’ll also get to select the shade that either mimics your natural teeth or achieves the level of brightness you aim for.

Phase 3: Tooth Preparation
A nominal amount of tooth enamel might be shaved off to ensure an optimal surface for bonding and to maintain a lifelike appearance. We can use a local anesthetic to guarantee a pain-free experience during this phase.

Phase 4: Crafting the Veneers
The captured impressions are dispatched to a specialized lab where dental artisans craft your veneers with precision. This typically takes a fortnight or so. We can offer interim veneers if necessary.

Phase 5: Affixing the Veneers
Upon the veneers’ arrival, you will revisit our clinic for the final fitting. At this juncture, we fine-tune the color, fitting, and comfort levels. After these checks, the veneers are permanently affixed using specialized dental glue and a curing light.

Phase 6: Follow-Up and Fine-Tuning
A subsequent appointment will be planned to assess how your mouth and gums are adapting to your new veneers, making any minute adjustments if required.

Veneers: Your Questions Answered

Q: What materials are used to make veneers?
A: The primary materials are either dental-grade porcelain or composite resin.

Q: Is the veneer application irreversible?
A: Although long-lasting—up to 15 years or more with good care—veneers are not considered a forever solution.

Q: Do veneers have a realistic appearance?
A: Absolutely. Veneers are crafted to harmonize with your existing teeth, offering a visually pleasing and natural-looking outcome.

Q: Can veneers resolve issues like gaps or misaligned teeth?
A: For minor spacing or alignment problems, veneers could be the ideal solution. However, more pronounced orthodontic issues might necessitate treatments like braces.

Q: Do veneers alter my eating or drinking?
A: Once properly installed, veneers should have no impact on your day-to-day eating or drinking habits.

Q: Is the veneer process uncomfortable?
A: The application process is largely free of discomfort, especially with the application of a local anesthetic. Some people might experience short-lived sensitivity post-application.

Q: How do I maintain my veneers?
A: Daily brushing and flossing, coupled with regular dental check-ups, are essential for veneer upkeep.

Q: Will my dental insurance cover veneers?
A: As a cosmetic procedure, veneers are often not covered by dental insurance. Check with your insurer for specifics.

Q: What is the cost range for veneers?
A: Costs for veneers can vary widely based on several variables such as the material used, your geographic location, and the complexity of your individual case. You’ll receive a detailed cost breakdown during your initial consultation.

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