Digital X- Ray

Portal Dental Pasadena: The Advantages of Digital X-rays in Modern Dentistry

At Portal Dental Pasadena, we are committed to offering our patients the most advanced dental technology for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. One such technology that has transformed the way we operate is the use of digital X-rays.

Digital X-rays have revolutionized dental imaging, offering unparalleled detail, flexibility, and significantly reduced radiation exposure. These X-rays allow us to take high-quality images of your teeth and put them into a specialized imaging program. This technology provides an array of tools that help us examine your teeth and surrounding structures with incredible precision. The major advantage for patients? A whopping 80% less radiation exposure compared to traditional film X-rays.

Key Benefits of Digital X-Rays at Portal Dental Pasadena

  1. Safety: Reduced radiation levels make the procedure safer for both patients and dental staff.
  2. Instant Results: Immediate imaging speeds up diagnosis, letting you spend less time in the dental chair.
  3. High-Quality Imaging: Enhanced resolution helps us identify issues at the earliest stages, allowing for more effective treatment plans.
  4. Convenience: Easy storage and transfer of digital images streamline the treatment process and enable better coordination among dental professionals.

Digital X-rays are swiftly becoming the standard in dental practices, and for good reason. They’re designed with you, the patient, in mind, enhancing both your safety and comfort. Make an appointment with us today to experience the advantages of digital X-rays.

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