Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards at Portal Dental Pasadena: Your Shield Against Dental Injuries

What Are Mouth Guards?

Also known as dental guards or sport shields, mouth guards serve as detachable dental devices engineered to safeguard your teeth from harm. Whether you’re an athlete or someone dealing with nighttime teeth grinding, these dental protectors are your go-to option for preserving your oral health.

While the primary goal is to protect your teeth, the material composition of these dental guards varies depending on their specific use. Some are crafted from high-quality plastic and specifically designed to cover the upper row of teeth, offering protection against fractures or other forms of dental trauma.

How Do You Wear Mouth Guards?

Typically, mouth guards are worn over the upper set of teeth, providing a protective shield for your lower teeth as well. While it’s more common to have these devices for the upper teeth, some dentists, like those at Portal Dental Pasadena, may offer tailor-made solutions for the lower teeth, guaranteeing maximum comfort and protection.

Varieties of Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are not one-size-fits-all; they come in various forms based on their function and material composition.

  • Ready-Made Guards:

These are off-the-shelf mouth guards that you can easily find in stores. They are the most economical choice but are not customized to your dental structure. These can be a quick fix and are available in small, medium, and large sizes. However, the trade-off is usually in the level of comfort and precise fit.

  • Heat-Molded Guards:

Available for purchase at most general stores, these mouth guards provide a snugger fit than ready-made options. The thermoplastic material they are made from allows them to be boiled and molded to your teeth, hence the name ‘heat-molded’. These are generally better for short-term usage due to their potential to misalign teeth over time.

  • Custom-Fitted Guards:

Who Should Use a Mouth Guard?


In any contact sport, from football to basketball, a mouth guard is a must. It shields your teeth and jaw from serious injuries and may even reduce concussion severity. Custom-made options offer the best protection.


Kids are naturally active, making them prone to dental injuries. A well-fitted mouth guard can prevent tooth loss and other complications, safeguarding their developing dental health.

Teeth Grinders:

For those who grind their teeth, sometimes known as suffering from Bruxism, a night guard can be a game-changer. It minimizes enamel wear and can prevent more serious issues like TMJ disorders. Custom-fitted options are usually best.

Are Mouth Guards Suitable for Those with Braces?

You might think that braces alone offer some level of protection, but in reality, they can complicate matters in case of a facial injury. At Portal Dental Pasadena, we can provide specialized mouth guards designed to accommodate your braces, ensuring that both your teeth and orthodontic appliances stay intact even if an accident occurs.

How to Care for Your Mouth Guard

To prolong the life of your mouth guard, it’s essential to:

  • Rinse it with water after every use, or at least daily.
  • Store it in a ventilated container that allows fresh air to circulate.
  • Examine it for signs of wear regularly.
  • Bring it in for routine checks during your dental visits to Portal Dental Pasadena.

Time to Take Action

Why risk your beautiful smile when a simple, customized solution is just a call away? At Portal Dental Pasadena, located at 3409 Spencer Hwy Suite 100, Pasadena, Texas 77504, we offer mouth guards that are not just effective but also tailored to meet your specific needs. Don’t compromise on your oral health. Make your dental well-being a priority today by calling us at (281) 888-3454 to schedule your consultation for a custom-fitted mouth guard.