Extraction Site Preservation

At Portal Dental Pasadena, we take the time to discuss your options before proceeding with any tooth extraction. Located at 3409 Spencer Hwy Suite 100, Pasadena, Texas 77504, we know the community well and understand that every patient has unique needs. Wisdom teeth are often straightforward to deal with, as they are at the back of the mouth and generally don’t cause further complications. However, if you’re having another tooth removed, it’s crucial to consider what comes next.

When a tooth is extracted, leaving the space empty can cause jaw bone degeneration and lead to teeth shifting—complicating your bite and affecting how you speak or chew. We’ll consult with you about the choices, whether it’s a dental implant requiring a robust jaw bone or a dental bridge that needs to be installed promptly before teeth begin to move.

Feel free to talk with our dentists about your preferences for the extraction site. We’re here to make professional recommendations and draft a treatment plan tailored to you. Always remember to set up your follow-up appointments to ensure the site is healing as expected.

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