Periodontal Splinting

Periodontal Splinting at Portal Dental Pasadena

Do you struggle with loose teeth due to gum disease? Portal Dental Pasadena can help you regain your confident smile with our specialized periodontal splinting services. Reach out to us at our Pasadena location to discover how you can benefit from this treatment.

Your gums and jawbone play a crucial role in supporting your teeth, keeping them securely anchored in your mouth. Gum disease can jeopardize this support system, leading to loosening teeth and potentially causing them to fall out. A compromised dental foundation can result in challenges like speech issues, changes in your physical appearance, and even greater medical concerns such as loss of jawbone structure.

What is Periodontal Splinting?

Periodontal splinting is a dedicated dental treatment aimed at providing stability to loose teeth by linking them together. By using a dental splint, this procedure ties multiple teeth as one unit to minimize movement and prevent potential tooth loss. This added support also aids in distributing bite forces evenly, which is crucial for your dental health.

Solutions for Loose Teeth

If you’re faced with tooth mobility issues, you have multiple routes for treatment.

Ignoring the Problem Opting to do nothing when your teeth are loosening due to gum disease is risky. Over time, the disease will worsen, causing additional teeth to loosen and potentially fall out. These loose teeth can shift when you chew or speak, leading to an altered bite and creating gaps between your teeth. We strongly advise against this course of action.

Addressing the Underlying Gum Disease Consult a periodontist to tackle the root cause of the problem. At Portal Dental Pasadena, our skilled team can employ various treatments to make your teeth more stable. Following this stabilization, you can decide whether splinting is the right choice for you.

Tooth Alignment Once the gum disease has been controlled, orthodontic treatments can be considered to straighten your teeth. However, this is generally not feasible if your dental health has been severely compromised.

Tooth Removal Extraction followed by bridge placement is another option, especially if the supporting teeth have sufficient bone structure and strength.

Considering Dental Implants Dental implants can be an effective alternative after teeth extraction. At Portal Dental Pasadena, located at 3409 Spencer Hwy Suite 100, Pasadena Texas 77504, we specialize in implant procedures. We first conduct a thorough oral exam to ensure you’re a suitable candidate for implants.

Before going ahead with implantation, we focus on stabilizing your periodontal condition to minimize risks.

Opting for Dentures Dentures offer a removable solution for replacing missing teeth. It’s essential to know that dentures should not be worn while sleeping.

How is Periodontal Splinting Performed?

The methodology behind periodontal splinting can vary, but it’s a complex treatment that requires expertise. Among the popular methods are intra-coronal splinting, extra-coronal splinting, and permanent splinting. Depending on the severity of your condition, we might suggest other treatments like occlusal splints and occlusal adjustments.

Occlusal Guards For those who grind or clench their teeth—often due to stress or anxiety—we may recommend a removable occlusal guard. This protective device can alleviate the stress placed on the teeth, preventing further damage.

Intra-coronal Splints This involves carving a groove atop the affected teeth and embedding a custom metal splint, which is then bonded into place. These splints are often invisible, preserving the aesthetic quality of your smile.

Extra-coronal Splints This treatment uses a fiber-reinforced wire or ribbon to connect the loose teeth, sometimes employing a composite resin for additional strength.

Permanent Splints Also known as fixed splinting, this technique uses crowns to render the teeth immobile permanently. Our experienced team at Portal Dental Pasadena will craft a tailored splint, joining the crowns for added support.

Occlusal Adjustment Minor reshaping of the teeth can help in evenly distributing bite force, requiring specialized skill and understanding of dental biomechanics.

Orthodontic Solutions Once the underlying gum disease is managed, orthodontic treatments can help evenly distribute bite pressure, often aiding in bone regeneration and improving overall dental health.

The Benefits of Choosing Periodontal Splinting

Opting for periodontal splinting at Portal Dental Pasadena provides several practical and aesthetic advantages. The procedure not only delays or prevents tooth loss but also relieves stress around the affected teeth. A stable dental framework enhances the efficiency of your bite, preventing further complications like a bite collapse.

Before selecting the most suitable treatment, it’s essential to weigh the long-term implications. While temporary splinting may offer temporary relief, it might necessitate future interventions if the underlying periodontal condition is not addressed.

Portal Dental Pasadena, conveniently located at 3409 Spencer Hwy Suite 100, Pasadena, Texas 77504, offers a comprehensive array of dental solutions to prevent future periodontal issues. Contact us at (281) 888-3454 to discuss how you can improve your oral health and maintain a beautiful smile.

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